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How it all began...

Swimrun started in 2006 when the “Otillo” race (meaning from island to island) was first held in Sweden. This new "sport" resulted from a strange bet between friends, who embraced the challenge of running along the various islands of the Stockholm Archipelago, swimming between them for a total distance of 75 km, 10 km of which are open water swimming.

At the moment, Swimrun is a global phenomenon that has over 700 races in various European countries, over 8,000 finishers in their various formats, and has experienced strong momentum in recent years in southern European countries such as France and Spain and around the world (USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa).

Portugal is no exception and in June 2017 the "Arrábida Swimrun" was held - the first Swimrun race in our country with the participation of over 200 athletes.

Swimrun is the freedom to explore our surrounding nature as purely as possible, with respect for yourself, your teammate, others and of course the environment. It is closely linked to nature, as many races take place in breathtaking landscapes and even training can be a small adventure, and you can follow trails that can immediately turn into dives into a brilliant sea or river. The bonds created throughout this environment are incredibly strong and often create lasting friendships.

On this site you will find all the information about our sport, about the National Circuit events in all its formats (Standard and Sprint) but also all future trends of Swimrun.


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